Santa Teresa Cemetery is located adjacent to the historical Morales Cemetery, which was founded in 1940 by Felix and Angela Morales.

The Morales family moved to Houston in the 1930s and, with $150 and a borrowed hearse, set about to establish one of Houston’s first Hispanic-owned funeral homes. After providing several years of funeral services, they realized the growing need for a Hispanic cemetery that could provide dignified burials at a reasonable price.

Since its first burial in 1940, Morales cemetery thrived and became a place where Hispanic families could bury their loved ones and honor their lives by decorating their grave spaces in a way that was reminiscent of Mexico and other Latin American countries.

In 2006, Mr. Joe P. Darst — with over thirty years of cemetery management experience — recognized the need for a cemetery with Perpetual Care and an improved Rules and Regulations policy. The inspiration for the new name is dedicated to the late Theresa Darst (Mr. Darst's sister) and to Mrs. Morales' fondness for Saint Teresa.

We here at Santa Teresa strive every day to provide families with a caring and respectful experience, in addition to a serene and beautiful environment for visits. With the perpetual care funding, we can ensure that the final resting place of your loved ones will be preserved for generations to come.