Preparation for death is an essential part of life for a Christian. In today's society, for instance, choosing cremation is part of that preparation for death.

In 1963 the Catholic Church eliminated its prohibition against cremation. It is important to remember that cremated remains are still the body of the deceased, just in a different form. For this reason they should be treated with the same respect as the full body of the departed and be buried in a cemetery.

Santa Teresa Cemetery offers a range of interment and inurnment options for the final resting spot for your loved one. These options include burial sites suitable for both caskets and cremated remains. Most ground inurnment sites will allow for multiple cremated remains to be inurned in the same site.

Cremated Burial Options

Garden Ground Burial
  • No charge for space (Cemetery selection)
  • Opening and closing charge currently only $495.00 Monday through Friday before 3pm At-Need Only

Niche Column Burial Space starting at $675.00 (see photo)

Two Traditional Full Casket Ground Burials and a Cremation Bench Monument (see photo)
  • Holds two cremated remains
  • Includes four names
  • $7,924.59