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This Life is a Gift August 27, 2020

When we start to think of life as a gift, we start to appreciate it in a different way, just as we would if a loved one gave us something precious. When people give us gifts, we tend to feel grateful and we feel a sense of love towards the person who gave us the gift. We also feel the spirit of generosity which has been passed on by the giver and we desire to give just as others have given to us. If we start thinking about life in this way, we start wanting to take advantage of and enjoy this precious thing called life that has been bestowed upon us. We also realize that gifts are privileges and that they offer us the opportunity to spread love and kindness even further and to keep the spirit of generosity alive. Life gives us the opportunity to develop and grow and to live many lives through many experiences and many relationships. Life is a gift mainly because in this life we are given the ability to love, and love, throughout the course of humanity, has always been proven to be the gift that keeps on giving.

Every morning that we wake up is a blessing – it is another day to receive and to pass on the gift of love. True love comes to fruition in many shapes and forms. Love allows us to be patient with one another, as well as encourage, uplift, and support one another. It allows us to be ourselves without judgment and it allows us to grow and develop into whoever we want to be.  Love is selfless, it forgives, and it withholds judgment. When we claim to love others we must do so with our actions and our acts of love must embody these principles. Not of lesser importance is the ability to practice self-love in this way. Nobody should ever take the gift of life for granted because no matter how hard life gets, we always have the ability to take advantage of every moment we have to embody and to spread love, kindness, happiness, empathy, and joy. When it’s our time to go, we will leave these things behind in the memories of those who spent time with us.