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Marking the Final Resting Place July 24, 2019

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult challenges a person can face during their lifetime. Apart from dealing with the sadness and sorrow, family members are faced with some choices; the casket, burial versus cremation, the type of funeral they want to hold, the location of the cemetery, and the selection of the grave marker or monument. Deciding how a loved one that has passed away should be remembered is not an easy decision, nor one that can be made quickly. The grief and the pressure that one feels can impact the decisions you need to make. It is important that anyone going through this process gets the proper guidance to understand the process and the options available to them based upon their faith, cemetery restrictions, and the family’s consensus as well as financial ability.

Whether you select a traditional burial or cremation, one of most important decisions you need to make for the deceased loved one, is how their final resting place will be marked. There are several options available for the colors, sizes, prices, styles, and material of the markers and monuments. Most importantly you need to clearly establish your intentions, the way that you want to honor your loved one, and the way you want family and friends to perceive them when visiting the site.  These are things that most people are not prepared to decide and often become points of disagreement between those who are left behind. Monuments should symbolize the deceased person’s life not the one’s making the decision

Monument companies have a variety of processes for quoting and creating grave markers for families. It is very important that you consult with the cemetery before making any of these decisions, as you do not want to spend time, efforts and resources in a marker that might not meet the requirements and regulations to be installed in the grave site. Cemetery personnel usually provide guidance to avoid any potential discrepancies and issues on top of your personal grief. Monument vendors understand the importance of this decision and typically meet with families to discuss different options, size specifications, inscriptions, etc. sign a contract and deliver upon the agreed design, cost and timeline.

Some people are not only choosing to pre-pay for their funeral and make all the arrangements for themselves in advance, they are also making the selection of the grave marker in advance, as to not have to leave any kind of burden to family members. Pre-ordering also ensures that all your wishes are carried out and allows the family members to grieve in their own ways, focus on supporting each other and on remembering their loved one the way they want to be remembered without any additional distractions.