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Recovering your Happiness May 20, 2020

When we lose a loved one, we are overcome with an overwhelming amount of emotions – nostalgia, pain, grief, anger, emotional block, disbelief, sadness, and many more. This is especially true when the passing was sudden and unexpected. We’re hurt at the thought of everything we have lost and we hurt alongside all those who are also suffering our loved one’s departure. Grief is an internal process that can only be overcome with time and it is the emotion that stands out above all after a loss. From there all of our other feelings begin to come about.

We may feel angry because we think that our loved one has been taken from the world unjustly. Grief may also sometimes lead us to feel guilty, either for not spending enough time with our loved one or for not having done something that you think might have been able to save him. We go over the facts in our minds over and over and still can’t believe it. We hold on to the memories of the past and go over them time and time again in our heads.

Remove all the sad memories that you carry in your heart and remove all the guilt that we cast on ourselves. These feelings will only make us sink deeper into mourning and it will only make it harder to heal. The more you wallow in your soul, the more you will suffer, and the longer it will take to make progress in your healing. Orient your mind towards the beautiful memories and happy moments that you shared with your loved one. Light up the part of your mind that holds these memories so that the darkness may slowly disappear and so that you can preserve the joy that we all carry inside and reach an equilibrium of peace in your heart. In this day and age, there are also many ways to preserve memories in a tangible way – photographs, videos, relics, and many other things that will bring back memories of our loved ones for a long time to come.

It is quite common that after a painful loss, we close ourselves off and lose interest in the world around us, as a consequence of the feelings described above. It’s also common to run away from ourselves and our own feelings in a vain attempt to escape the difficult emotional situation. When you are going through grief, do not run away from yourself or hide from your feelings – instead, try to access all the resources that are available to help you recover your happiness.  We must tap into the innate strength that each of us carries and we must also know when to ask for help. Do not feel ashamed about having to ask others to give you help. Be grateful and gratefully receive the help they offer you. Grief is a process that requires