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Regaining your Happiness After a Loss December 12, 2019

Regaining your happiness and peace of mind can be challenging after the loss of a love one, this is very difficult for the people who stay behind. Everyone copes with the pain differently; grief is something that everyone’s ups and downs happen at different times and in different ways. People try different approaches to cope with this situation, some attempt to minimize their sadness disguising it with silence or timid smiles, but still suffering in their inside. Getting back to “normal” is something that some people feel guilty about, smiling again and enjoying their life could take some time for them.

One of the most underutilized resources we have is our imagination, the power of our brain and spirit to overcome any situation and visualize what we want to accomplish no matter how complicated things seem to be.  We can use that power to picture things in the past, like the good memories with the one we loss, in the present, how that person helped us be who we are today, and in the future to inspire us to accomplish bigger and better things for us and for those they also loved. These could be some very positive steps to that can help us regain our own happiness and help others do the same.

We need to challenge ourselves to be happy, sad events give us the opportunity for growth, and if can recognize the potential, it could be the key to joy. Without something to strive for, it’s all too easy to stagnate and succumb to negativity. Surround yourself with positive people, create good situations, do what you love, see good in all things and do not waste your time with negative thoughts. Try to take life a little less seriously, we know that ‘seriousness’ is required in some situations, but don`t make it a struggle, see it as another challenge you will enjoy taking care of. Regain your happiness one moment at the time.