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The Grand Impact of Positivity July 15, 2020

Mankind has been able to make it this far, undoubtedly, thanks to those who have always kept a positive outlook and who have held firm in their belief that the best is yet to come. Our ability to stay positive and to hold out hope for the future is what marks our resilience as a species. Our lives have undoubtedly been shaken up in the last few months and in times like these, it can be very hard to maintain a positive outlook on life. Our plans for this year have been derailed and a lot of us have had to go through a lot more uncertainty and chaos than we are used to. We have been reminded just how fragile we are divided, by an invisible enemy that has been roaming our streets, but at the same time, we have also been reminded how much we need each other in order to survive and how crucial it is that we stick together. This enemy will be defeated only if we all behave responsibly, care for one another, and stay positive despite it all.

Despite all the chaos, there is still so much good out there in the world that we need to spend more time thinking about, appreciating, and acknowledging. If we dwell too long on what’s gone wrong, we won’t be able to move forward. While we should not live in denial, we need to create a proper balance between recognizing our problems and also feeling grateful for everything we have. Our thoughts are powerful tools and so are our words. What we think and what we say have an enormous impact on our spiritual, mental, and emotional health. We need to employ our words carefully, whether that be in person or online, and make sure that our words can serve people positively, rather than tear them down. Our words have the power to provide joy, truth, and hope – if we center our minds around these things, the easier we can send this energy out into the world, and the better this world will become.

Time and time again, all across the globe, people have been able to come out on top after all sorts of disasters, conflicts, and challenging situations. However, when these trying situations present themselves unexpectedly, we cannot just sit back and hope that everything will go away if we just blissfully look the other way. Societies come out stronger when they stick together and act as a collective. We must behave responsibly and remember that we all have an active role in defeating the trials that have befallen us. Keeping yourself informed and aiming to proceed with caution throughout the next few months will not only ensure that we come out of this chaos sooner rather than later, but doing so is also an active act of love towards your neighbors. By protecting yourself and doing your part, you are protecting all of those around as a by-product. It is selfish not to do so and not only would you be harming others, but you would also be harming yourself in the long run. Not a single one of us exists in a vacuum and we must remember to protect our health, our minds, and our hearts now more than ever.

Staying positive when the future looks bleak is much easier said than done, but it is something we all must strive to do. We must let go of all blame games, of all anger, and of all ignorance in order to be able to look towards the future and believe truly in our hearts that the best is yet to come if we make daily efforts now. We need to accept the situation as is and learn to respond to it adequately, as needed, in an educated and calm fashion. We must set our vision on how we want this to affect us in the long run – every difficult experience is an opportunity for growth and it’s up to all of us individually and as a society to decide how we want to remember this year and what lessons we want to take from it. Positivity is contagious just like any other attitude. Be careful and intentional with your word choices as well as your interactions – learn to uplift yourself, your loved ones, and your neighbors, and together, we will rise.