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The importance of selecting a good final resting place June 17, 2019

Importance of Final Resting Place

Selecting a cemetery should not be the job of those who are left behind, this is something we need to consider and act on while we have the ability to do so. Beyond the obvious functional value of a cemetery, a place where people are buried after they’ve passed, cemeteries should set to be the final resting place, one of peace and beauty, where family and friends can spend time celebrating the life and memory of their loved ones. They become the host of rituals, family and post-funeral events, allowing the families to gather and in a joyful, respectful and dignified way to share precious moments of remembrance.

Cemeteries also create a connection with the community regardless of their creed, they bring residents closer to an understanding of who they are, their past and help to provide the opportunity to better understand the common things they share. You can make several choices while planning for your funeral besides choosing your final resting place, you can also choose between being buried or cremated, you can select your marker, monuments or headstones and what should be written on them. Going through this process could be difficult, but one needs to remember that death is a part of life, one we cannot avoid, one that will be painful to our love ones, and we should try to make it as painless for them as possible.

Besides making sure the burial grounds provide a good and peaceful environment, it is imperative that the cemetery also has the necessary qualified and compassionate personnel to attend to the needs of your friends and family during this difficult time. Their help and support is what really makes the difference at such a difficult time. The support they provide goes beyond the burial, they oversee our perpetual care and interaction with our families. Other factors to take into consideration are, location, cost, rules and regulations.

Some of the questions you should ask before selecting a cemetery include:

  • What types of options are there for plots?
  • How much does the plot cost, what`s included and what`s not? Any additional fees are there?
  • What are the costs for opening and closing the grave?
  • Who is responsible for maintaining the grave site?
  • What are my responsibilities?
  • What are the rules and regulations about markers?
  • Are there any costs associated with marker/headstone installation?
  • What holidays are celebrated at the cemetery?
  • Do the personnel speak your language?