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Losing a loved one is a life changing experience, it is ok to look for help June 17, 2019

Losing a love one is a life changing experience

The one constant thing in life is change and losing a love one is one of the most difficult changes a person can experience. Acknowledging this permanent change is something that we cannot easily or quickly adapt to, denial is a powerful force, and often by abusing it we pretend that it can “protect” us in many ways. However, stepping outside of it and saying to yourself, “Things are changing, and it is okay” can be less stressful than putting it off, and It is important to remember that no one gets through life alone, and that It is okay to ask for help

Sometimes when people go through such a difficult life changing event, they still feel an immense deal of pain and stress, they can easily lose their desire to live, move forward and feel they will never be able to cope with the loss. Stress is your body’s way of reacting to change, and it can happen even when something good has happened, looking for help is a good sign, it usually means that you know yourself well enough to realize you need some assistance. You will be surprised how many people around you have experienced similar situations and can provide you with support, guidance and help. Take this opportunity to reach out to family and friends, having a support group will bring you a lot of benefits.

In a time of change give yourself a break, you do not have to carry all the weight on your shoulders alone, change presents us with the opportunity to grow, maybe even to make new friends or meet old ones again. it’s important to acknowledge that with help things will be better. Getting a new hobby, learning a new trade, trying things you were afraid to try before can also provide not only help to overcome this situation but can also help you grow as a person, as a friend and maybe even as a professional. Maybe these changes can help you prioritize what is most important in your life.

Losing a love one will definitely create a change within you, It will not happen all at once, it will happen as you find yourself in different situations you used to share with that person, some days you will be angry, others depressed and even lose the desire to move on, but when you look back to that moment in time, you might realize a marker has been placed in your life, a marker that some people around you have also experienced and can help you overcome. Take advantage of their company and understanding to share moments that you cherish, share with them all you want to share the happiness you experienced with the one you lost and make it a happy moment. Sharing good memories with friends can be an excellent therapy that can turn a sad change into one of growth and hope.