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Resilience and compassion January 17, 2020

Life is a series of crossroads. Sometimes it may seem as though life is cornering us and that the walls around us are crashing down, and that there are certain heartaches that are too painful to bear. We guard our hearts and we refuse to open up to others. This is a very common defense mechanism for people who have suffered profoundly. When we find ourselves in these decisive moments, we are presented with an opportunity to recreate ourselves, find joy in new ways, and be compassionate with ourselves and with those around us. When it seems as though all hope is lost, we must challenge ourselves to love deeply and to rest assured that with every act of kindness, we will slowly but surely regain our inner strength.

Our ability to be compassionate, despite all the ups and downs of life, is our mark of resilience. Through love and compassion, we can restore our own sense of hope. Don’t let yourself be defined by your grief and despair. Use it as an opportunity to wake up each day and be intentional with those around you and to be intentional in your acts of love and service. Even the smallest act of kindness can create a chain reaction of good deeds that will benefit everyone around you. By brightening someone’s day, you will gradually fill in the emotional gaps you feel and you’ll come into an emotionally healthier and happier state of being.

It’s normal for one to feel paralyzed and heartbroken in the midst of big, life-altering changes. It is a daily battle and even though one may be facing hardship, we must remember to act with integrity and love, for the sake of our loved ones, whether they are still with us physically or not. The memory of our loved ones will never fade away if we honor their memory by creating a life full of love that we are continually passing on to others. We must give ourselves the opportunity and allow ourselves the gift of being surprised by where an act of compassion can lead us.