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Overcoming Loneliness January 29, 2020

In an increasingly interconnected world, it may seem strange that there are still people who suffer profoundly from loneliness. The reality is that all the technological advances that we have at our disposal to help us communicate more rapidly are not enough to eliminate the feelings of isolation that are rampant in our society. Overcoming loneliness is not an easy task, especially when someone you are used to having by your side is suddenly gone due to unforeseen and unwanted circumstances.

To overcome loneliness you have to get outside of your comfort zone, which can be overwhelming when you are struggling through a difficult time. Regardless, you must draw whatever strength you have within you to try as hard as possible to do so. The best thing you can do to overcome loneliness is to not let it halt you in your path. Sadness is an emotion just like any other and it can serve a purpose in our lives. Every emotion, whether it’s positive or negative, can be harnessed for the benefit of others as well as for your own emotional health. The worst thing you can do is keep those feelings inside of you. If you harbor sadness within you and don’t open up to others, you will just go deeper and deeper into the black hole of your own thoughts.

Seek help and support from the people that are close to you. Force yourself to leave the house even if it’s just to take a walk and breathe some fresh air. Resume your normal activities and your daily routines or go out and discover new passions. Occupy your mind by doing things that are captivating and get involved in stimulating activities. If you ever feel alone or marginalized, go find someone who may need your help. Life becomes meaningful through intimate relationships, and even people with a very active social life can feel a void inside if they lack close, meaningful relationships. Therefore, it is important to maintain intimate relationships, trust others and not break another’s trust. You can shed all the bad effects of sadness and turn them into tools for a better future, but it all depends on your attitude in the face of difficulty.

Don’t let sadness invade your soul and remember that you are never truly abandoned. Something as effortless as a smile exchanged with a stranger can have extraordinary effects on your emotional health, or something as simple as helping someone who needs you can lift your spirits. Slowly but surely, you will find yourself overcoming your loneliness. Remember that in this life we cannot walk alone. Find your happiness within yourself, filling yourself with thoughts full of self-love and share your positivity with those around you.